Green Economy project

Green economy through green thinking

March 2014 - May 2015

The overall project objective: improve environmental situation in Northwest Russia through capacity-building, awareness rising and market development for better waste management and energy efficiency.

Objectives of the project:

- create competitive environment in the sphere of green economy (waste collection and utilization, energy and resource efficiency) in Petrozavodsk and Karelia through SME support

- Raise awareness about waste sorting through community involvement, educational and cultural institutions

- establish long-lasting formats of interaction between authorities, business and citizens in the field of green initiatives

Work packages of the project:

Business Support

  • studying potential volumes of certain types of waste in Petrozavodsk and selected districts of Karelia
  • Activities on identifying, attracting and supporting potential entrepreneurs, willing to work with waste collection and processing
  • Encouraging potential entrepreneurs to apply to the Municipal target program for SME support (grants up to 300 000 rubles)
  • Study visit to Nordic countries

Information campaign in kindergartens and schools on the topic of waste management and energy efficiency

Increasing sustainability of rural settlements of Kizhi archipelago

  •  A number of activities for locals of the Kizhi archipelago villages. Development and dissemination of mobile stands, information materials for each household. Master classes for villagers on composting
  • • Creation and maintenance of networks of cooperation between local authorities, entrepreneurs, activists

Support of volunteer movement

Support initiatives to collect recyclables from the population, collaboration with volunteers Informing

Regular coverage of the project activities through local television channels and Internet media

Partnership network:

Petrozavodsk City Administration

Education Development Center

Swedish-Karelian Business and Information Centre

Business Incubator of RK

Children's Ecological and Biological Center

Kizhi Museum

Environmental School of Finland SYUKLI

Environmental Station Nörrebro, Copenhagen

Centre for Development of competence, Umeå, Sweden



Contact Information: Project Coordinator Vera Meshko 71 33 76

Swedish-Karelian Business and Information Centre

185035, Russian Federation, Republic of Karelia, Petrozavodsk, Kirov str., 5, room 113


+7 (8142) 76-92-57

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