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Business gate

Business gate is an opportunity for the companies from Russia and Sweden to present their ideas for cooperation, commercial proposals.
Please feel free to contact us by e-mail and provide basic information about your company’s profile.

Recent cooperation proposals from companies of Karelia:

Company, location: Managing company “Zhiloj dom+”, Petrozavodsk

Activities: management and technical services for apartment buildings.

Proposed fields of cooperation: housing and communal services:

  1. on preparation of apartment buildings to winter conditions;
  2. on energy efficiency issues;
  3. on rebuilding of roof covering.

Contact information: Elena Buryanina, director (e-mail:, phone: +7 911 43-167-43).

Company, location: Neosystems Development (Petrozavodsk)

Company profile: IT projects. Every project is accomplished in time with excellent quality — the company is ISO 9001:2000 certified. Technology map

  • The main technological focus for custom software development is the Microsoft .NET technology suite and Java 2.
  • The custom software solutions department builds the following types of software components:
  • ASP.NET web applications, utilizing both the traditional WebForms and most recent MVC technologies.
  • Desktop rich client applications, using both the traditional WinForms and the most expressive WPF platforms.
  • Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) using the Silverlight 2 technology.
  • Highly interoperable service-oriented applications using the WCF technology.
  • Full-featured databases, data warehouses and reporting solutions using the SQL Server 2005/2008 family of products.
  • Collaboration, docflow and social web portals utilizing the capabilities of SharePoint products and technologies.

Proposed fields of cooperation: We offer several ways for cooperation with ICT companies in Sweden:

  1. Our company participates in development of Swedish software products.

    It allows a Swedish company to get the following advantages:
    • to decrease a final cost of a product;
    • to raise competitive capacity in the European market.
  2. Our company participates in adaptation (promotion, 24/7 customer support, customization) of Swedish software products for the Russian market.

    It allows a Swedish company to get the following advantages:
    • to use our wide marketing experience in the Russian market;
    • to arrange complete qualified service and customer support in the shortest possible time.

Contact information: Vladimir Soloviev, manager (Neosystems Development)
phone: +7 8142 67-21-20,
+7 8142 67-21-16,

Company, location: Private entrepreneur Viktor Fatov (Beryozovka settlement, Kondopoga District).

Company profile: Sawmill. Wood processing. Uses following equipment: KARA saw bench, band mill, 2 four-side machines, crosscut saw, gang saw, surface milling machines etc.

The industrial site is located on the territory of 4 hectares in the building of 3000 m2. There are also other buildings on the territory of the site. The company has long-term business relations with Kondopozhskiy LPKH, Kondopoga Pulp and Paper Mill, KareliaMineral LTD., Spetskonstruktsia LTD., “KSM” Jsc.

Proposed fields of cooperation: Long-term partnership in the sphere of wood processing.

Contact information Viktor Fatov
phone +7 81451 7-76-55,
cell. phone: +7 8921 222-91-42,

Company, location: Country-style, town of Kondopoga.

Company profile: Woodworking production. Company specializes in partial timber processing. Produces hewn logs for houses and pergolas. Makes country-style furniture and souvenirs; does harvesting and processing of burl and “suvel”. Equipment: sawmill LGD-50. Timber processing is aimed at the domestic market. Production of pallets and emballage for enterprises.

The two-hectare plot of land the company owns can be used for the expansion of production.

Proposed fields of cooperation: Long-term partnership in the sphere of wood processing.

Contact information: Gennadiy Bilyk, Executive director.
185035, apartment 7, Kommunalnaya st. 22, Kondopoga.
phone: +7 921 223-79-61,