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Igor Shevchuk


Joined SKBIC in September 2017. Mr. Shevchuk graduated from the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Moscow in 2012 and Saint-Petersburg State Marine Technical University, Saint-Petersburg in 1993. Igor Shevchuk has longstanding experience in the research and development field as a foreign relations officer at the Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Science, Petrozavodsk (Russia). Since 2009, he has also been leading the nonprofit partnership "Centre for Problems of the North, Arctic and Cross-border Cooperation (North-Centre) dealing with issues of sustainable territorial development, especially majoring on the cross-sector strategies and programmes in the Barents region. Mainly focusing on project management, Igor has been involved in a number of research initiatives and projects with special, professional and personal research interests in strategic planning and analysis, expertise in regional development, intersectoral networking (NGO, business, authorities, etc.), Northern regions sustainable development matters and cross-border cooperation issues.

E-mail: igor.shevchuk(at) 

Vera Meshko

Projects manager

Graduated Petrozavodsk State University as a specialist in the history of Northern Europe. Worked in a number of EU-supported projects, starting 2003 employed by Petrozavodsk City Administration, External relations department. Since 2011 works in SKBIS as director assistant and projects manager.

E-mail: vera.meshko(at)

Elena Neverova