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Swedish (Västerbotten) Karelian
Business and Information Centre



SKBIC has a solid experience of participation in the international projects (the most recent ones are presented in the fallout menu).

Among the previous projects are:

  1. Nordic Council of Ministers project “W.A.S.T.E. Waste awareness: Sorting, Treatment and Education”, 2011–2013. The project is based on the experience gained from the previous project “Introduction of waste sorting methods in Petrozavodsk”, which was initiated in 2009 by Petrozavodsk City Administration within the frames of an environmental campaign. The W.A.S.T.E. project was initiated in order to involve other regions of North-West Russia into cooperation and to spread the positive experience of waste treatment further. Project partners are Petrozavodsk City Administration, Avtospetstrans Municipal Waste Management Company, Petrozavodsk Center of the Development of Education, the Kizhi State Open-Air Museum, Sestroretsk City Administration, Apatity City Administration, Murmansk City Administration, Pskov City Administration; SYKLI, Environmental School of Finland, Helsinki; Norrebro Environmental Center, Copenhagen, Denmark (Miljøpunkt Nørrebro); Association of Waste Management Companies of Norway, Oslo (Avfall Norge). SKBIC fullfills administrative functions.
  2. Nordic Council of Ministers project “Northern Bridges”, 2009–2010. The project was implemented by Norden associations from Petrozavodsk and Umeå with support of SKBIC. The initiative was aimed at establishing closer relations and providing exchange of knowledge between NGOs for development of future joint projects in the sphere of culture, education and information; acquaintance with traditions, culture and history of each other looking for common “roots” and promotion of traditions of the regions/countries.
  3. Nordic Council of Ministers project “Swedish Business in the Republic of Karelia: experience, problems, perspectives”, 2008.
  4. Tacis CBC SPF “Industrial Partnership of the Republic of Karelia (Russia) and Västerbotten County (Sweden)”, 2005–2007. Location: Sweden: Västerbotten County, Russia: Republic of Karelia. Project was aimed at promoting direct contacts between business companies and production enterprises of the two regions and resulted in a number of pilot business projects in communal sector, IT.

SKBIC is also running few own projects, such as:

  • Project “Women’s entrepreneurship from west to East”, 2011–2013. The project is aimed at development of women’s entrepreneurship and stimulation of women to start own business and promote own companies.
  • Project “Business in social sphere”, aimed at exchange of experience with partners in Finland (Oulu) and Sweden (Umeå) in the field of private entrepreneurship in the social sphere, 2008.
  • Starting 2001 — partneriates for business companies from Sweden and Karelia during Stora Nolia exhibition, which takes place in Umeå every second year.