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People's Parks: Involving Residents in Urban Design

The project aims at facilitating a more active involvement of the citizens in the process of design and landscaping of the urban areas.

What are the best ways for the citizens to interact with the local authorities in the issues of landscaping? How to establish efficient communication between the city communities on the issues of promoting comfortable and well-conditioned urban environment? These topics will be brought up by the project partners, non-governmental organizations from Petrozavodsk (Russia), Narva (Estonia) and Copenhagen (Denmark).

The project will offer trainings and practical workshops for the active residents in the issues of landscaping, publish and disseminate practical guides in urban gardening. A pilot action “People’s Park” on selecting and further landscaping of the urban park area will be carried out with the support of Petrozavodsk City Administration.

Similar activities will take place in Estonian city of Narva.

The project received support from the Nordic Council of Ministers’ funding program for NGOs in the Baltic Sea Region. The program actively promotes networking between non-governmental organizations in the region. The project partnership includes the following NGO’s:

The project is to be finalized before the end of 2017.
Project manager — Vera Meshko, SKBIC.