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Tutors' Bridges, 2018-2019

“Tutors’ Bridges” is the name of the new SKBIC project that started in October 2018 with the financial support of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The project is aimed at the development and testing of the model of interaction between NGOs, people with mental disabilities and employers that will provide more working places for such people in Petrozavodsk and Narva, Estonia.

The Nordic partners in the project are from Copenhagen, Denmark.

During the project realization such a form of work as tutoring for people with mental disabilities will be developed and tested. These people are able to perform season works, for example, in urban gardening, cleaning yards and streets, and other types of work. At the same time, they need special assistance and support. The method of tutoring is sufficiently developed in the Nordic countries and has proven to be effective. During the project, it is planned to study the experience of involving people with mental disabilities in labor activities in Denmark.

The project partners in Petrozavodsk and Narva will work with three target groups: people with disabilities, potential employers and tutors; the activities for each of the groups will be aimed at creation of favourable conditions for employment and stable work of a certain number of people with disabilities under the guidance of tutors.

Work on the project has already begun in Narva and Petrozavodsk: thus, a program for future tutors is already being developed in Petrozavodsk, the information seminar for the companies working in the sphere of urban gardening and maintenance “Obligations and benefits of employers in the process of employing disabled people. The rights of workers with disabilities in employment” will be held in November.