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Project "No Limits in Life, follow-up" is being implemented in Karelia with the support of the Swedish Center of the Local Democracy, ICLD. 

Project period: October 1, 2019 - February 28, 2021

Grant amount: 425 000 SEK

Administrative partner, responsible for planning, implementation and financial management is Swedish-Karelian Business and Information Centre. 

Project geography: Karelian municipalities of Petrozavodsk, Olonets and Kostomuksha

The project is aimed at exchanging experience of social work with partners in Västerbotten county, Sweden. 

Following activities are planned: 

1.Competence upgrade and experience exchange in the sphere of social services for elderly and disabled people:

— Organization of practical training workshops for Complex Center of social services for the population of the Republic of Karelia in Umea. Local partners — Umeå Socialtjansten and Hjälpmedel Västerbotten. 3 trainings / 3 days / 5 persons each
— Studying experience of colleagues in NW Russia — visit to the Monchegorsk center for social services, finding out about their methods of work with elderly and disabled people
— Local competence upgrade events. Dissemination of new information and methods, acquired during the Swedish trainings

2. Introduction of new methods and forms of work with children with special needs, facilitating their highest possible socialization:

1) Implementation of the training program on methods of work and communication with the children with special needs:

— Practical 2-day workshops for pedagogues and parents. Providing the pair “pedagogue — parent” with a specially designed communication kit, helping to understand the needs of the special child and facilitating his or her feedback with the social environment. 2 workshops for Olonets, 2 for Kostomuksha.

— Follow-up consultations for the parents and pedagogues on using the methods and communication materials

— Seminars for volunteers working with children with special needs. 1 for Olonets, 1 for Kostomuksha

— Round tables involving educational institutions, social services and health care services for elaborating comprehensive interagency approach in the interests of children with special needs. 1 event in Olonets, 1 event in Kostomuksha

— Experience exchange visit to Sweden on the theme of methods of socialization for children with special needs. 5 persons from Karelia.

Vera Meshko
Executive director, Swedish-Karelian Business and Information Centre
vera.meshko (att)