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Waste Awareness: Sorting, Treatment, Education – launch of the project

2 october 2011

The international project W.A.S.T.E (Waste Awareness: Sorting, Treatment, Education) was started in Petrozavodsk at the end of September 2011, supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The 2-year project is aimed at introducing a system of solid waste sorting, treatment and recycling in North-West Russian regions using Nordic experience, and to raise public awareness of the importance of eco-friendly behavior.

The project’s pilot areas are the cities of Petrozavodsk (Republic of Karelia), Sestroretsk (St. Petersburg), as well as Kizhi Island in Karelia, which will become a focus area for studying the approaches towards waste management for island territories.

The first project activity takes place on 10-14 October, when a group of Nordic experts from the Environmental School of Finland and the waste management company of Turku region will visit Kizhi Island. Together with the Finnish partners, specialists of Kizhi Museum will work out a plan for waste logistics for the islands of the Kizhi archipelago.

It is necessary to visit Kizhi Island at this early stage of the project’s implementation before the start of the main activities because weather conditions make it difficult to access the island in winter. Partners from Northern Europe and North-West Russia, project stakeholders and beneficiaries will be able to acquaint themselves with the project during the kick-off seminar which will be organized in Petrozavodsk on November 30 – December 1 2011. At present, the work is focused on establishing working groups of the project and discussing the main approaches to implementation of project activities.