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The project “Women’s entrepreneurship from the East to the West”: a training course in Kostomuksha

24 april 2012

On April, 17-18, a training course for women entrepreneurs from Kostomuksha, Kalevala and Louhi districts was held in Kostomuksha within the project “Women’s entrepreneurship from the West to the East”. 28 women, including those who have already own business and aiming to develop it and those who have plans just to start own business, participated in the training course. Participants represented different spheres of activities, including traditionally male spheres such as construction, stone milling and passenger traffic.

Training course was held by the Swedish and Russian experts who with the use of different methods and techniques tried to make participants having clear understanding of a business goal and means towards this goal. Main part of the training course was a practical training on working out a business idea and business plan. Participants were set a task to prepare own business plans with the help of tutors and experts by June 2012. From June to September all business plans will be selected by the experts and in the middle of September best business plans will be presented to the experts and participants of the next training course in Petrozavodsk.

All participants got special certificates in training on business planning.