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The project “Women’s entrepreneurship from the East to the West”: training course in Petrozavodsk

21 september 2012
On September, 19-20, a training course for women entrepreneurs from Petrozavodsk, Olonets and Suoyarvi districts was held in Petrozavodsk within the project “Women’s entrepreneurship from the West to the East”. About 30 women, including those who have already own business and aiming to develop it and those who have plans just to start own business, participated in the training course.
During the training course participants got practice in forming of a business idea and its transformation into business plan, knowledge in legislative aspects and marketing.
The training course was notable for practical approach: not only invited experts from Karelia and Västerbotten and Swedish entrepreneurs, but also participants-owners of successful companies shared their experience.
Participants were set a task to prepare own business plans with the help of tutors and experts, best business plans will be chosen by the experts in February 2013.
The authors of the best business plans will get an opportunity to participate in a business trip to Västerbotten to contact representatives from similar Swedish companies in summer 2013 within the framework of the Annual Swedish national exhibition Stora Nolia.
Moreover, within the training course participants of the previous training course held in April in Kostomuksha made presentations of their business plans to the experts. In December 2012 a business trip to Västerbotten will be organized for these entrepreneurs to contact representatives from similar Swedish companies.