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W.A.S.T.E. project continues studying Nordic experience

2 november 2012
Representatives of municipalities, associations of apartment owners, waste management company "Avtsopetstrans", NGO "No more waste" learned about the basic principles of managing waste, found out about methods of working with citizens. Program of visits in Ceopnhagen was coordinated by the Danish project partner, environmental NGO "Miljøpunkt Nörrebro". Visitors from North-West Russia had an information meeting at the municipality of Frederiksberg, where they were briefed about the system of managing waste issues, the visit was followed by a tour to the waste sorting and processing station Bispeengen, which is jointly run by municipalities of Frederiksberg and Copenhagen.
Representatives of associations of apartment owners found especially useful acquaintance with principles of running the common residential utilities - yards, waste collection points, ways of interaction between residents and service providers.
Visits in Finland started with introduction by the Finnish project partner - Environmental School of Finland, Sykli. Participants attended a large service provider, operating in Helinki metropolitan area - HSY, acquainted with waste utilization station in Helsinki. A tour to the residential district was also offered, where participants could learn about the ways of collecting sorted waste in the yards of the living quarters, at the leisure center for preschool kids with parents "Kipinäpuisto" visitors were demonstrated the ways of educating the youngest kids the basics of waste sorting and awareness.
Of a special interest was a visit to the station of waste collection and processing, located in the outskirts of Lahti. The facility includes a landfill, various waste processing sites, including waste chopping, composting, as well as information center, educating different groups of population. 
All of the participants noted high efficiency of the visits and intend to apply the gained knowledge in their further work. 
Waste collection point, Copenhagen