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Project "Eco-efficient communities" being discussed in Kostomuksha

8 november 2012
Second meeting of the Steering group of the project "Eco-efficient communities" took place in Kostomuksha on November 6, 2012. The Steering group was established by a Memorandum of intentions, signed between Republic of Karelia and Västerbotten county in November 2011.
The meeting was attended by the members of the Steering group from Karelia and Västerbotten, project experts from Västerbotten, representatives of NEFCO, Russian-Finnish Energy Club, NCM Information bureau in St.Petersburg, Swedish Trade Council, Kostomuksha City Administration.
Participants of the meeting were informed about the NEFCO supported projects, implemented in Republic of Karelia within the process of developing eco-efficient communities since autumn 2010. NEFCO representative gave a positive estimation to the level of cooperation between Republic of Karelia and Västerbotten county, and told about large-scale NEFCO projects, both approved and being at the stage of discussion. From NEFCO's point of view, bilateral projects need to be coordinated with efforts on energy-saving and energy-efficiency, carried out in the Barents region. Leader of Petrozavodsk contact center of Nordic Council of Ministers informed about the new project initiative, launched by NCM Information bureau in St. Petersburg "Promotion of renewable energy in the North-West of the Russian Federation"; representative of Swedish Trade Council raised an issue of transition of small boilers to wood chips or waste wood in Karelia and suggested to discuss possible locations for implementing the pilot projects with participation of companies from Sweden. 
Agenda of the meeting also included such matters as attracting various sources of funding, necessity of coordinating activity with other projects in the area of energy-efficiency and energy-saving, being implemented in Karleia.