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Business mission of Karelian companies to Norway

15 november 2012
A business-mission of small and medium-sized business entities of Karelia to Oslo, the capital city of Norway, took place at the turn of October. It was organized by the Ministry of Economic Development of Karelia, the Regional center for coordination of support of export-focused small and medium-sized business entities established on the basis of the Business-Incubator of Karelia in 2012, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Karelia.
Six small and medium-sized business enterprises representing various spheres of economic activities took part in the mission: Prionezhsky Kamen Ltd., Stroitehnika Inc., Nelan Oxide+ Ltd., Individual Entrepreneur A.V.Teterin,Neming Ltd., and Euroforum Ltd. Five more enterprises were presented in their absence: Lintu company, Stalinvest (Sport 17) Ltd., Taito Ltd., Nordic Group JSC, and Russian North Ltd.
A meeting in the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in Norway took place within the framework of the business-mission. 12 representatives of foreign business, consulting structures and business development organizations participated in it. Investment potential of Karelia and Karelian enterprises were presented there. In Oslo members of the delegation learned about work of Norwegian enterprises.
Over the past 10 years the business-mission became the first visit of a delegation from Karelia to the capital of Norway with the purpose of economic development. Entrepreneurs from Karelia explored Norwegian market and mechanisms of its work, established primary contacts, and negotiated possible partnership. During the talks one of the Karelian companies has reached a preliminary agreement in the field of investments on building an enterprise producing Norwegian beauty care products in our republic. The offer on construction of a factory to produce silicon was received from another Norwegian company with the help from the Trade Representation of Russia in Norway. Thorough study of investor's requirements and development of offers from the region are in progress.
It is expected that the return visit of business-circles of Norway to Karelia will take place in April, 2013.