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New activities and plans of w.a.s.t.e. project

29 january 2013
What is sustainable development for a school or kindergarten? How can we involve pupils and parents in the process of resource saving and waste sorting? These questions have been discussed by pedagogues from schools and kindergartens of Petrozavodsk during the retreat at Urozero recreation facility, which took place on January, 22nd with participation of expert Pauli Vennervirta, representing SYKLI – Environmental School of Finland.
Participants learned about system of certification of the Finnish schools basing on the approaches of sustainable development, discussed examples of school activities on waste sorting and collection. Pedagogues could check their knowledge of the types of waste during the game on waste sorting. As a result of group work, few ways of launching sustainability measures at own schools and kindergartens were presented.
Further plans of w.a.s.t.e. project for schools include selection of the best applications in the framework of the contest of best mini-projects, implementation of the three winning projects, publication of methodic materials for the teachers with examples of school lessons on the theme of waste treatment, installation of bins for waste paper and plastic in some of the schools and kindergartens.
Also, few other activities are envisaged by the project for the first half of 2013 – they include measures on increasing awareness in treating dangerous waste, exchange experience in treating grey waters in the insular territories.
For more information please contact project coordinator Vera Meshko at + 7(8142) 71 33 94.