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Waste water treatment - how to approach the issue on the Kizhi Island?

14 june 2013

Experts from Finnish Environmental school SYKLI and Waste management company of Turku region (TSJ)visited Kizhi island within w.a.s.t.e. project, discussing methods of waste water treatment. Finnish partners learned about progress in plannig waste logistics for the Kizhi island and took part in the workshop on the theme of waste water management for isolated areas.

Workshop was organized in the Carpenters' Center - restoration facility of the Kizhi museum, where the wall logs of Transfiguration cathedral are being cured and assembled. Further on the logs are transported to the location to be assembled again as a part of the cathedral.

Together with representatives of the Kizhi museum partners discussed the issues of continuing cooperation in the future. Museum workers especially underlined the importance of follow-up of educational and awareness raising efforts among local inhabitants of the villages, surrounding Kizhi island, which constantly face problems with waste collection and trasportation.