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Bioenergy Forum in Kajani

21 june 2013

The Forum was jointly organized by the two international projects - BIOKOS and Renewable Energy in NW Russia, making it possible for 67 participants from Russia, Finland and Sweden to attend the event. Project BIOKOS is implemented within ENPI CBC Karelia program and aims at construction of 1 MW combined heating plant in Kostamus using the biogas extracted from waste water sludge. Since the tasks of this project fully correspond with efforts on promoting renewable energy, it has been decided to organize a joint forum, which could give floor also to other projects in the field of bioenergy, energy-efficiency and forestry .

Forum participants learned about dynamics of development of bioenergy sector in Finland, Sweden and Republic of Karelia, discussed issues of sustainable forestry and preservation of natural resources, got acquainted with most advanced technologies in utilization of local energy resources.

On June 19th participants of the project "Renewable Energy in North-West Russia" visited Lämpökuplto company, producing module CHP units, working on biogas and Ecokymppi landfill, which uses biogas production facility similar to the one to be installed in Kostamus.