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Renewable energy issues discussed in Arkhangelsk

18 november 2013

Development of renewable energy in Russia is the question of the nearest future. This was the conclusion of ​​the participants of the seminar "Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency ", held in Arkhangelsk on 14-15 November 2013 in the framework of "Renewable Energy in the North- West of Russia" project. The project is implemented in the framework of Nordic Council of Ministers Knowledge building and Networking program. Event was organized by Energy and Transport Institute of Northern (Arctic) Federal University. Participants had the opportunity to learn about the strategic approaches of the regional authorities of the Arkhangelsk region in promoting renewable energy sources, as well as hear examples of practical solutions to these problems. According to data from the Ministry of Energy and Utilities Arkhangelsk region, the share of wood and wood waste among the major fuels in 2012 increased compared to 2007 from 18% to 35%, with a corresponding reduction in the consumption of fossil energy sources (except for natural gas) from 57% down to 36 %. Significant natural resources available in the region act as a basis for the implementation of the regional Program on construction and reconstruction of boilers using technologies based on combustion of biofuels. Plans exist on expanding production of wood pellets, which could be delivered not only to Europeans, but also to the Russian consumers.

Possibilities of modern equipment for the use of biomass energy were presented by the Austrian company HERZ Energietechnik, whose products are already installed on a number of boilers of the Arkhangelsk region.

Mr. Flemming Meyer presented useful and interesting for the Russian participants information on climate and energy planning in Aarhus, Denmark.

The seminar also addressed issues of energy conservation and promoting energy efficient technologies in the construction and operation of residential and public buildings, where an important role belongs to a qualified organization of training in energy efficiency and conservation. Participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the activities of the Integrated  Energy Efficiency Educational center NArFU, Murmansk regional demonstration and education center in energy efficiency.

Participants visited a number of NArFU units and “Sawmill number 25 " - one of the largest producers of wood pellets in the Arkhangelsk region .

In the photo: Northern (Arctic) Federal University welcomes seminar participants.