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Entrepreneurs from Petrozavodsk and Karelia continue learning about energy- and resource efficiency

17 march 2014

Another event of NCM project "Renewable Energy in NW Russia" this time gathered entrepreneurs - owners and tenants of business premises, who were offered a rich program consisting of two presentations and a study visit to Mini techno park on energy efficiency on the basis of educational and recreational center Urozero. The event was organized jointly with the Karelian Regional Institute of Management, Economics and Law at Petrozavodsk State University. The training started with a presentation by Kjell Blombäck, representative of the Swedish company SwecoSystemsAB (Umeå, Sweden), who spoke about the methods and approaches used in particular by SwecoSystems in improving the energy efficiency of buildings. Kjell Blombäck elaborated on each stage of the cycle life of the building, analyzing in detail issues of water supply, heating, ventilation, insulation from the sun, the use of compressed air, lighting, cooling, transportation.

Modern domestic developments in the field were presented by the expert from Moscow, Valery Bryantsev, who highlighted the theme of energy saving measures for buildings and pilot projects on energy saving.
During the visit to the university base Urozero participants were able to see with their own eyes the effect of energy-saving technologies. Visitors have been demonstrated the work of wind turbines, solar collectors, radiant heaters, the guests also got acquainted with the work of the boiler on fuel briquettes, watched the operation of the equipment that controls the energy flow. Thermovision equipment was available, making it possible to inspect the level of heat losses at Urozero cottages, heating mains with modern insulation, industrial premises.