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Delegation of Västerbotten visits Republic of Karelia

19 march 2014

Delegation of Västerbotten county, consisting of representatives of authorities and businessmen visited Karelia during March 10-14 in the framework of the project "Eco -efficient communities", which attempts to support the development of communal infrastructure in the Republic of Karelia. Representatives of regional authorities of Västerbotten had been offered a separate program aimed at identifying new areas of cooperation in the framework of the Protocol on Cooperation between the Republic of Karelia and the Västerbotten county for 2014 – 2020,  signed in January 2014.
During the visit working meetings have been held at the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Energy of Karelia, JSC "Petrozavodsk communal systems " and  “Karelenergoresurs" Ltd, as well as visits paid to a number of municipal communal utilities companies and local authorities of Karelian towns Kostomuksha and Medvezegorsk . Swedish side was provided with comprehensive information about the region's plans on modernization of public utilities, in particular water supply systems and wastewater treatment systems in a number of localities.
Under the umbrella of "Eco-efficient communities" a project was launched in the field of energy efficiency for medical institutions. Project idea was presented at the Ministry of Health Care and Social Development of the Republic of Karelia on March 12. The next day a joint survey of the three medical institutions, proposed by the Ministry, took place. Project expert Mr. Kjell Blombäck selected Republican Children's Hospital to become the pilot object for implementation of energy-efficiency measures which are to be proposed by the Swedish experts. The next stage of the examination is scheduled for May 2014 .

The main purpose of the meetings organized for representatives of the regional authorities of Västerbotten, Fredrik Gunnarsson and Susanna Lantz, could be described as opening new horizons of cooperation.
Interaction between municipalities, NGOs, universities and research institutions - these issues were discussed during the meetings at Petrozavodsk City Administration, Karelian Resource Center of NGOs, Petrozavodsk State University and Karelian Research Center. All these structures possess solid experience in implementing international projects in various areas, which contributed to understanding the mutual interests and defining a joint strategy for cooperation.

Meeting at Karelian Resource Center of NGO's