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Green Economy project was officially launched in Petrozavodsk

27 june 2014

"Green Economy" has been supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers as a follow-up of the previous "w.a.s.t.e."  project and will elaborate on such important directions as working with schools and kindergartens on the issues of sustainable development, as well as propose two new initiatives - 1) support of start-ups in the field of waste collection and processing in Petrozavodsk and Karelia; 2) support of the volunteer movement, in particular, in promoting initiatives, related to waste issues. 

On June, 25th SKBIC office welcomed project partners from Nordic countries, respesenting SYKLI Environmental School of Finland, Helsinki and Miljøpunkt Nörrebro, Copenhagen. Project's Swedish partners - waste management company Umeva from Umeå, Västerbotten, participated in the form of videoconference. 

Project's local partners were represented by the Business Incubator of Karelia, Petrozavodsk City Administration, Center for Education Development, Kizhi Open Air Museum. Participants spoke about their expectations from the new project, as well as discussed the Action plan with involvement of Nordic partners. 

Project's upcoming plans include organization of volunteer's camp on the Kizhi island on July, 16-20; during autumn Petrozavodsk will host Danish partners with trainings for volunteers on the "Green Ambassadors" program; a study visit to Finland and Sweden will be offered for pedagogues and specialists of communal sphere.