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First stepts of "Green Economy" project

29 august 2014

Two major activities were organized by the Kizhi Museum during summer 2014 within the framework of NCM "Green Economy" project.

In July the island hosted a week-long environmental camp for volunteers. 17 camp participants - volunteers from Petrozavodsk - represented the most diverse spheres of activity. There were students, methodists, entrepreneur, doctor, biologist, ecologist, photographers, forest engineer, mathematician, linguist, anthropologist. Volunteers managed to do a lot:

  • carried out analytical and educational work at 38 households in the 8 surrounding villages
  • prepared an analysis of the goods and packaging material in the grocery store of Yamka village
  • designed the layout of the information booth and delivered suggestions for reducing the volume of waste
  • freemarket for exchanging used clothing and items was open for three evenings
  • two illegal waste dumps were cleaned up (islands of Malkovets and Propashchiy), waste collected and sorted

The camp members have worked with great enthusiasm in the basement of the Church of Transfiguration, where they collected construction debris, accumulated during the period of restoration.


The second event – cleaning of the Yuzhnyi Oleniy Island (“Southern Deer island”), took place on August, 28.

27 participants, including students of Derzhavin’s Lyceum in Petrozavodsk, volunteers from the Velikaya Guba village and Museum staff disassembled the waste dump, having emerged here in recent years due to the efforts of "wild" tourists. 48 bags of sorted waste are ready to be sent for further processing.