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News of Renewable Energy project

26 september 2014

On September 18-19, 2014 Institute for Energy and Transport of NArFU hosted the round table "Experience of energy management of Nordic countries in conditions of climate change."

The round table was held in the framework of the conference "State of the Arctic seas and territories in face of the climate change" and the NCM project "Renewable Energy in the North-West Russia."

The meeting brought together guests from Finland, St. Petersburg, representatives of Arkhangelsk Regional Centre for Energy- efficiency, representatives of regional firms and companies, NarFU faculty, postgraduates and students.

Reports have been presented by representatives of the companies providing modern boiler units running on biofuel. It was proposed to establish an experimental platform by the Finnish technology for the integrated use of bio-resources, and organize training.

Participants discussed the issues of joint training for master's level students in the field of energy management; elaboration of extended education programs.

  Projects, proposed for prospective cooperation:
Reconstruction of the boilers: possibility of applying Finnish technologies and experience (Ministry of Energy of the Arkhangelsk region is preparing a list of boilers to be sent to Joensuu and analyzed by the Finnish partners);
Specialized training, possibly associated with reconstruction of boilers, boiler maintenance, etc. (relevant topics and contents yet to be discussed);
Scientific cooperation: the use of space technologies for data analysis on bioenergy projects (as one of the possible topics);
Education: Students from NArFU can apply in January for a master's program in forestry at the International University,, it is important to continue discussion of the possible joint educational programs and modules.