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Eco-efficient communities: cooperation continues

26 september 2014

During September 14 - 19 a group of experts in the fields of energy, water supply and sanitation, members of the working group of the project "Energy Efficiency in health care institutions", as well as representatives of regional and local authorities of the Republic of Karelia participated in the study visit to the province of Västerbotten, Sweden.

Study visit was supported by the projects "Renewable Energy in the North-West Russia" and "Eco-efficient communities." The visit’s agenda has been prepared by the County Administrative Board of Västerbotten and the company AVEC Group, and consisted of visits to renewable energy facilities and sewage treatment facilities in the suburbs of Umeå. The tour participants met with representatives of UMEVA company, responsible for water supply and sanitation in the municipality of Umeå. The company's work is based on the principles of reducing the impact on the environment and creating conditions for society’s sustainable development. The group also visited the company facilities in the villages of Vindeln and Hissjö.

During the second part of the trip participants learned about the technology provided by Mittel company for solving the heating disruption problems, caused by the rapidly rusting pipes. Company specialists presented two solutions - Mittel TSC (technology for creating welds as strong as the pipe itself) and Stateview system, allowing to quickly and accurately diagnose the condition of the pipes and find errors before they cause problems.

The trip participants also visited the office of Rebio, a company engaged in the production of energy from wood waste. Company specialists presented their work and spoke about the future prospects of this type of fuel. After visiting the two boilers in Sävar and Vännäs, producing energy by burning sawmill residues and operating Saxlund / Opcon equipment, participants discussed the possibility of building such biofuel boilers in Karelia.

Participants, representing republican medical institutions and the Ministry of Health of Karelia – members  of the working group of the project "Energy efficiency in health care institutions" – were offered a program in Västerbotten regional hospital.  They were introduced to the most advanced methods of upgrading energy efficiency in buildings, including ventilation systems, heat recovery, lighting; learned about the conditions, offered both for the patients and the medical staff.

Visit of the Swedish experts in November this year will become. the next step of the project "Energy Efficiency in health care institutions".

At the Mittel demonstration

Woodchips boiler in Sävar