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Issues of waste management discussed in the village Velikaya Guba

30 september 2014

On September 24-25 the village Velikaya Guba hosted a seminar on collaboration for improvement and preservation of the environment on the islands of Zaonezhye (area behind the Onega lake). Local residents, school staff, entrepreneurs, employees of public enterprises, institutions, officers of the Village Council gathered at the village school to discuss the problems of waste management.

Experts from SYKLI - Environmental School of Finland, spoke about cooperative movement in small isolated Finnish communities, which can be regarded as a perfect way to bring together locals, government and entrepreneurs for joining efforts to address local problems. An issue of hazardous wastes in households, which is also high on the agenda for the villagers, was also discussed.

Specialists of the Kizhi museum told about the current state and development needs in the area of solid waste disposal on Kizhi Island and other islands of Zaonezhye.

Group work was organized at the seminar. Local residents tried to find ways to resolve such issues as waste prevention, composting, organizing temporary collection points for certain types of waste (cardboard, waste paper, plastic, glass), possibilities of transporting waste.

Participants were asked to propose business ideas on waste management in Velikaya Guba and take part in the contest of business ideas, also supported by the project, until October 30, 2014.

It is planned to continue the project activities in Velikaya Guba. Training sessions for teachers in December 2014 are in the short-term plans.

The event was supported by NCM "Green Economy" project.