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NCM project on renewable energy in North-West Russia presents main results

20 october 2014

Final conference of the project “Renewable Energy in North-West Russia” was held in Petrozavodsk on October, 15. Cooperation in the spheres of energy, environment and green growth is among the main priorities for the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Major results of the project have been presented during the conference. First of all, it is establishment of contacts between partner organizations of North-West Russia and Nordic countries: regional authorities responsible for energy policy and economic development, energy-efficiency centers, educational and research institutions, business companies and NGOs. Partners’ network has become a sustainable platform for research on potential of renewable energy development in the Barents region with further elaboration of pilot projects.

Seminars and educational trainings have been arranged within the frames of the two-year project in Murmansk (on the basis of the Demonstration and Education Center for Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency), Arkhangelsk (on the basis of the Northern Arctic Federal University) and Petrozavodsk (on the basis of Karelian Regional Institute for Management, Economics and Law of PetrSU). In June 2013 in cooperation with the BIOKOS project Bioenergy conference was held in Kajaani. One Working Package was devoted to study visits to Norway, Finland and Sweden. Among important results of the project is elaboration of the Strategy of Heating Supply of Karelia based on the Local Fuels until 2020. Besides, Russian experts continue working on pilot initiatives on renewable energy in cooperation with NEFCO, Swedish Bioenergy Association SVEBIO, Finnish forest company Metla and other Nordic partners.

In order to discuss future cooperation on renewable energy, partners gathered for a coordination meeting on 16 October. Working Group members presented potential ideas which may be included in the coming project. Exchange on wood bioenergy, creation of demonstration zones showing innovation energy technologies, elaboration of joint education programmes by NORFU, mapping of infrastructural objects working on renewable energy in the Barents region by Bellona-Murmansk are among new topics for cooperation.

Coordination of the project was carried out by the administrative partners – Storvik-Consult company (Murmansk) and Swedish-Karelian Business Information Center (Petrozavodsk).

More details on the project’s implementation can be found on the webpage of the Murmansk Regional Demonstration and Education Center for Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency, main information partner of the project:

TV-report from the opening of the conference, "Karelia" regional channel (in Russian):