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Delegation from Copenhagen visited Petrozavodsk

24 november 2014

During November 19-20 environmental experts from Miljøpunkt Nørrebro, environmental NGO from Copenhagen, visited Petrozavodsk in the framework of the NCM “Green Economy” project. This NGO works with the residents of one of the largest districts of Copenhagen, conducting information campaigns, supporting interaction of local people with the city government on the issues of waste sorting, "green" planning, landscaping and traffic management.

During this two-day tour the Danish partners visited the City Youth Center, where they met with eco-volunteers, representatives of the "Green Wave" movement. Volunteers were introduced to the methods of work of the Danish experts, discussed the system of waste sorting and recycling in Denmark, shared their experience in the organization of environmental actions and work with the citizens in Petrozavodsk.

Danish partners suggested to test a method of interaction with the residents, widely used in their own work in Copenhagen: local volunteers and their Danish colleagues visited the homes located within walking distance from the Youth Center, disseminating newsletters to the residents and telling residents about the possibility of bringing sorted waste and hazardous waste to a temporary sorting point, located in the Youth Center.

Danish environmentalists also visited the Republican Children's Environmental and Biological center, as well as got acquainted with the work of the Karelian Centre for Volunteering Development.

Finalizing the two-day program, participants exchanged impressions from the visits and discussions. Experts from Denmark invited participants of the Karelian volunteer movement "Green Wave" to visit Copenhagen and learn more about the methods of work of Miljøpunkt Nørrebro.