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Information Day on waste issues took place in Velikaya Guba village

13 february 2015

Specialists from Petrozavodsk, representing Kizhi Museum, Green Wave volunteer movement, Ecology department of Petrozavodsk City, Educational Development Center, Ecolint waste processing company organized a visting seminar in Velikaya Guba, meeting with active community leaders, teachers and students of the local school.

The day's agenda included games and lessons for the schoolchildre, telling about types of waste and correct way to handle them, master-classes for the teachers, discussion with local community leaders and authorities a set of specific measures, which would allow to launch separate waste collection in Velikaya Guba.

The locals decided to start the process with announcing a two-week activity on collecting cardboard, paper, plastic, glass and batteries, which will then be delivered to Petrozavodsk Ecolint company. Money, earned for the waste will be used for purchasing the first containers for sorted waste, which will be installed in the village.