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Finalists of the School of Sustainable Development met to discuss the results of the work

7 april 2015

Training course “School of sustainable development”, supported by the Green Economy project, was implemented in Petrozavodsk between October 2014 and March 2015 for representatives of the city’s schools and kindergartens. 18 institutions out of 33, which began training in October, completed a full course. The training included theoretical and practical sessions in energy and resource efficiency, participants were encouraged to develop small projects for their institutions.

Objectives of the School:

* present advanced strategies for pollution prevention in order to improve economic and environmental performance for sustainable development;

* create continuity in environmental education between preschools and schools of Petrozavodsk;

* develop environmentally oriented thinking among teaching staff, students, kids and their parents.

40 participants received Certificates of the School of sustainable development.

9 institutions were awarded with mini-grants for small projects for a total amount of 200 000 rubles. Grants are aimed at introducing resource-efficiency approaches and include such activities as purchase and installation of dishwashers (reducing energy and water consumption), cookers (lower power consumption), replacement of conventional lamps by LED lights. In addition to substantial financial savings, such activities educate children and adults, indirectly reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere (in proportion to the decrease in the volume of electricity consumed), thus improving the environment of our city.