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Young Swedish singers and dancers visited Petrozavodsk

18 may 2015

On May, 15-16 a large group of creative youth from the Swedish Skellefteå visited Petrozavodsk, with the visit being supported by County Administrative Board of Västerbotten. The program for the two groups - the choir Rösträtt and dancing group Dansväxthuset has been prepared in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Karelia and Petrozavodsk City Administration.

Youth dance group Dansväxthuset - Dance incubator – is a project of the Municipality of Skellefteå, launched in 2006. Members of the dance group are the young people who want to develop themselves in the art of dance. In addition to regular classes in ballet and modern dance, the young dancers are working on productions with many choreographers in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Choir Rösträtt is based in Skellefteå School of Culture, which provides children with conditions for aesthetic development. Many begin to sing in the choir in the 2nd grade.

During their stay in Petrozavodsk Swedish guests met with local art groups and cultural institutions – visited Children's music and choral school, Children's art school, Palace of Children and Youth, College of Music and the College of Culture and Arts. They held joint workshops and exchanged experience with colleagues. Swedish choreographer gave master-classes in modern dance for students of School of Arts and students of the College of Culture and Arts, joint rehearsals of Swedish and local choirs took place in children's music and choral school and the Palace of Children and Youth.

The working program was followed by a joint concert at the National Theatre of the RK, which was successfully held on May 16. The Swedish guests were in the first part, the second section was devoted to the performing art of the Karelian teams who welcomed the guests on the previous day.