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A contest on the new design for the Wish Tree

27 april 2016

Petrozavodsk City Administration invites artists, designers, sculptors, architects and students of educational institutions of the architectural and artistic profile to take part in an open competition to change the external appearance of the sculpture "The Wish Tree ".

The “Wish Tree” by the Swedish designer Kent Andersen is a gift from the sister city of Umeå, installed in 1996 on the waterfront of Lake Onega in Petrozavodsk. The concept of the sculpture is rooted in the Swedish fairy tales with their magic trees, jingling little bells on the branches. The lower part of the "Wish Tree" has a large ear, in which one can whisper a wish.

The contest on the new design of the Wish Tree is a part of the anniversary activities, dedicated to the 40 years of twinning relations between Umeå and Petrozavodsk. According to Evgeny Frolov, the Chief architect of Petrozavodsk, the aim of the action is to bring new life to the interpretation of the artistic image of the sculpture and a landscaped area around it.

The results of the contest will be presented at a seminar on landscape design in the framework of the Days of Culture of Sweden in Petrozavodsk (November 24-26, 2016).