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Partners of People's Parks project met in Narva, Estonia

4 october 2017

The program of the meeting prepared by the "New Bridge" NGO, one of the project partners in Narva.

On September 27, a seminar was organized for project participants, active citizens, representatives of housing associations of Narva. Estonian project partners spoke about the initiatives that were developed thanks to the project: Alexander Efimov, Chairman of the Narva City Council, talked about plans to create a new park in Narva, consisting of three - Park of people's environment / 100 oaks / Grove of Estonian Peoples . Elena Ulianenok, representative of the "New Bridge" organization and the project coordinator in Narva, spoke about the new creative space for the improvement of the urban environment ("Vaba Loome Keskus").

Danish project partners, representing Environmental Station Norrebro, Copenhagen, shared their experience in invloving residents to solving important issues in urban design and waste collection. 

Project participants visited Narva Waste Sorting Station, participated in a tour to the River Promenade and to the area of the former Krengolm Manufactory.