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People's Parks final event in Petrozavodsk

23 october 2017

The "People's Parks" project is to end in December 2017. What did we achieve?

During the final meeting in Petrozavodsk, project participants from Petrozavodsk, Narva and Copenhagen learned about the latest developments in city landscpaing, examined the Railroad Workers' park, which was chosen as a pilot site after the summer online polling among the citizens and became the experimental ground of the People's Park. This placed the territory in the center of attention of city authorities, public figures, local deputies, helped to attract additional resources, which allowed to carry out a number of works on improvement in the park - sanitary felling of trees, cleaning of felling remains, dismantling of the old scene. Also, in the autumn of 2017, electric lighting was installed in the park.

The partners also visited other park areas - green riverbanks of Neglinka river, the Yamka city park, met with homeowners' associations, whose representatives took part in the educational programs of the project.

On the whole, the partners noted that the project contributed to the development of dialogue between citizens and city authorities in the issues matters of urban landscaping and design.

In Narva a special portal was launched, dedicated to green technologies in urban environment. The interaction in the course of the project gave rise to the initiative to create a park in Navra, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia.

tree-planting event in the Railroad Wrokers' Park
Neglinka river banks
Yamka park
Yamka park
around the largest spruce of Fennoscandia (Zaozersky natural area near Petrozavodsk)
in the Botanical garden of Petrozavodsk State University
in the Botanical garden of Petrozavodsk State University
trees planted! Photo by Vladimir Volotovsky
visit to the first dog ground in Petrozavodsk
yard tour in the residential areas