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Karelian companies are ready to set off on a business trip to Skellefteå

21 may 2018

The visit is organized by SKBIC together with County Administrative Board of Västerbotten and Development Corporation of the Republic of Karelia on May 28-31, 2018.

The participants of the mission are representatives of the enterprises of wooden housing construction, production of lumber and woodworking, architects, specialists in the implementation of energy-efficient technologies in house building, companies using biotechnology in construction and producing biofuels from forest industry waste.

During the visit, meetings will be held in the municipality of Skellefteå, known for its traditions and modern technologies of wooden housing construction, the Chamber of Commerce of Västerbotten, visits to enterprises engaged in this field, meetings in scientific and innovative organizations specializing in research and engineering in the use of wood.

It is expected that the result of participation of Karelian entrepreneurs in a study tour to Sweden will be new business contacts, cooperation agreements, including investment, acquiring knowledge of modern technologies of wooden housing construction. It is also important that the business mission will promote the Republic of Karelia and its products in international markets. In the long term, the results of the trip will affect the development in the republic of such promising sectors as biotechnology, energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable construction and architecture.