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Education for Sustainable Water Use

12 november 2018

For Petrozavodsk, which is located near one of the largest lakes in Europe, the issues of the proper water use gain much priority today. For many years Petrozavodsk water channel company has been working on reconstruction of water treatment facilities, in the cooperation with The Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO) introducing new technologies of drinking water purification, carrying out reconstruction of wastewater treatment facilities.

However, developing a responsible attitude towards water consumption requires a much broader humanitarian approach. It is necessary to educate citizens on sustainable water use from a young age. Currently, the culture of water consumption in Petrozavodsk is quite low — the residents have a weak idea of how the drinking water is delivered and purified, what happens to the wastewater, how to control the consumption of water, how we influence the state of water in our lake with our household habits.

The new international project “Education for sustainable water use”, which is supported within the cooperation program “Karelia”, is aimed at raising awareness of citizens in these important issues.

The project will operate in two directions.

The first direction is systematic work with the involvement of kindergartens and schools of the city to introduce “water lessons” in Petrozavodsk. The program of professional skills upgrade has been developed for the teachers, including interactive trainings, excursions to the Children’s educational center of the St. Petersburg water channel and Water Museum, study tours to Finland, study visits to Vodokanal-Petrozavodsk (Petrozavodsk water channel company).
Separate competence development program will be offered in the Finnish territory of the project, targeting the teachers from Joensuu and Kitee.

The second direction is creation of interactive training and exhibition space “Water Center” in Petrozavodsk on the basis of JSC Vodokanal-Petrozavodsk, which is one of the partners of the project. For this purpose, Petrozavodsk water channel company provides the premises of the old sewage pumping station, which will be converted into the Water Center using the experience of colleagues from St. Petersburg (Children’s educational center of St. Petersburg water utility is one of the partners of the project).

It is expected that the Water Center will be able to take excursions, acquaint students with the features of lake Onega, water supply system of Petrozavodsk, as well as become a platform for vocational guidance for those wishing to work in the urban water supply system.

Project’s Lead partner is Swedish-Karelian Business and Information centre (

Among other partners — Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, Ar-Deko company, The education development center of Petrozavodsk.

The two-year project received grant funding in the amount of 402 thousand Euros. The Russia-EU “Karelia” cross-border cooperation program is co-financed by the European Union, Finland and Russia.

Vera Meshko, Swedish-Karelian Business and Information Centre

First interactive training for the teachers already took place in Petrozavodsk