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Motivation seminar "How do I find a job" held in Petrozavodsk

18 january 2019

“Tutors’ Bridges” project is being realized in Petrozavodsk further on. The motivation seminar “How do I find a job” was held on the 17th of January, 2019. The seminar was addressed to people with physical and mental disabilities willing to find a job. Most of the representatives of the target group (25 persons) were young people and the main motives for them were financial independency and socialization, i.e. a chance to be among other people.

The experts from the Center of employment of Petrozavodsk and the Pension Fund informed about the rights of job seekers, about the list of documents necessary for submit, and the obligations of potential employers while hiring persons with disabilities and provided the audience with other useful information regarding the current legislation.

Seminar participants were informed about the importance to have tutors, especially in the beginning of their job career, and the special program for tutors’ training, which is being developed by one of the project partners , NGO “Vozrozhdenie”. The representatives of Petrozavodsk City Administration informed about employment possibilities at the municipal companies dealing with cleaning of urban territories, landscaping and other communal services.

The training “Job Hunt” for seminar participants was held by the psychologist Anna Yablokova who was a disabled person herself, this undoubtedly was an encouraging moment. The training was aimed at revealing the motives of job seekers, their potentials, as well as assistance in resume writing.

The further steps in the project will be the acquaintance with potential working places based on the resumes, 5-6 excursion to Petrozavodsk municipal companies will be arranged within nearest months.