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Tutors' Bridges - partners meet in Estonian Narva

28 may 2019

The project “Tutors’ Bridges” is nearing completion, therefore the meeting of the project partners in Narva and acquaintance with the work of our Estonian partners was quite timely and necessary. The key event of the meeting was a seminar on sharing experiences, at which project partners from Petrozavodsk and Narva spoke about the project activities, results achieved and problems encountered during the project implementation.

The presentation of Birte Hansen, representing the municipality of Copenhagen, was of great interest, as she presented the mechanism of accompanied employment in Denmark, in order to obtain more detailed information on the work of complex employment centers and the employment mechanism of people with disabilities, Petrozavodsk representatives held two meetings with Ms. Hansen outside the program.

Acquaintance with the activities of the Center for Protected Work “MTÜ Uus Sild” / public organization “New Bridge” (project partner in Narva) took place at two sites: in the “green” zone, where young people with special needs are taught gardening production under the guidance of tutors — employees of the Center, and in the organization’s premises, where the wards of the Center master various crafts.

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the work of the organization “New Bridge” in the development of work skills by young people with special needs, thereby contributing to their further employment.

The results of the project will be summarized at the final events in Petrozavodsk in September.