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No Limits in Life - meeting colleagues in Monchegorsk

20 november 2019

Specialists took part in the regional seminar “Project activities as an effective tool for the development of social protection institutions.” Employees of the Monchegorsk Complex Center for Social Services presented practical experience in implementing initiatives, demonstrated equipment purchased as part of the project activity, and organized informal communication with direct participants of the projects: elderly people, young people with disabilities, children with disabilities, minors and their families who are in difficult life situation.

Colleagues were also able to visit all structural units of the Monchegorsk Center, got acquainted with the conditions of stay and leisure activities for senior citizens and people with disabilities, learned how the work with other categories of citizens was organized.

As a follow-up of the visit, the Complex Center for Social Services of the Population of the Republic of Karelia will consider the possibility of acquiring new rehabilitation and sports equipment, didactic materials for organizing work with children with disabilities, young people with disabilities, elderly people, including through participation in the implementation of new social projects.