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SKBIC joins a Nordic partnership on bio-ecomony

12 march 2020

The project, which is carried out by Nordregio, Nordic Institute for Regional Development and Planning from Stockholm, intends to facilitate the establishment of business-to-business and business-academic partnerships focused at the potential for biobased economy in NW-Russia. About 40 % of the global CO2 emissions can be tracked back to the building industry. Wider use of wood-based materials is one of several ways to reduce it. Therefore, the project focus is set on innovative production and use of wood-based building materials.

The initiative aims to bring together target groups from NW Russia and Nordic countries: bio economy-oriented businesses, manufacturers and suppliers of wooden materials, builders, educational and research institutions.

The project will conduct a multi-step match making process to establish Nordic-Russian innovative partnerships.

The project will be realized in 3 phases:

1. Workshops in Russia,

2. Business forum in Stockholm,

3. Match making in Murmansk, Russia.

The work will start with workshops in 3 Russian regions where needs and opportunities for collaboration will be identified with respect of insights of local stakeholders from business and knowledge institutions, and on mapping of biobased resources already made by the partners within the previous joint project “Kicking off Bioeconomy in the North”.

The key activity is therefore the match making event in Murmansk. In order to make it successful, phases 1 and 2 serve as a preparation for the event. Phase 1 will map and identify opportunities for collaboration and phase 2 will serve to link this insight with actors in the Nordic countries and attract Nordic actors to participate in the match making evet in Murmansk. Other institutional actors like NEFCO will also be invited to make links to the financial instruments and further networks.

The core success criteria for the project are concrete partnerships between Russian and Nordic businesses established by and under the project. At least 5 Nordic Russian cooperation agreements are expected to be signed.