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SKBIC has joined a project network on promoting public diplomacy efforts in Karelian municipalities

3 september 2020

The project "NGOs and Municipalities Develop Public Diplomacy" is run by the Karelian Public Diplomacy Development Foundation and supported by the Ministry of National and Regional Policy of the Republic of Karelia. 

The project network includes colleagues from a number of NGOs and the Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Karelia.

The project is implemented until mid-December 2020; during this time it is planned to hold a number of events, including a round-table discussion dedicated to the 55th anniversary of the sister-relations of Petrozavodsk and Varkaus and the development of cooperation between the municipalities of Karelia and Finland within the framework of the "Finnish Autumn"; a meeting of NGOs and Karelian municipalities’ representatives will be aimed at discussing the development of public diplomacy and the participation of NGOs and municipal institutions in international activities. International cooperation today will also be one of the themes of the annual Municipal School, which is organised by the Council of Municipalities of the Republic of Karelia and the Karelian Branch of RANEPA. A sociological survey, preparation of methodological recommendations for NGOs and municipalities on international cooperation and expert lectures are in the project plans.