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A new Protocol on Cooperation between Karelia and Vasterbotten has been signed

28 january 2021

The new Protocol on Cooperation between the Regions covers the period of 2021-2027.

As the Head of Karelia Artur Parfenchikov noted, “partnership relations have been linking our Republic and Västerbotten for 26 years, since 1994. During this time, many joint projects have been implemented. Both of our regions are interested in developing business ties in various fields. We actively exchanged experience to address energy conservation issues in healthcare institutions, support small and medium-sized businesses, indigenous peoples, participated in the Renewable Energy Project in North-West Russia, and expanded professional contacts in the field of social protection. Partnerships in the field of culture can be called one of the most productive.

In addition, cooperation is developing along the line of twinning relations - today five municipalities of Karelia have similar agreements with Swedish partners. And the friendship between the cities of Petrozavodsk and Umeå is already 45 years old this year.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has affected the implementation of some of our joint projects. For example, the dates of the Days of the Republic of Karelia in Västerbotten, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of our cooperation, have already been postponed twice.

I am sure that after the restrictions associated with the spread of the new coronavirus infection are lifted, we will continue to work actively to implement all plans. And the protocol signed today will give a new impetus to friendly relations between our northern regions "