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Virtual meetings on traditional crafts brought together crafts masters from Umeå and Petrozavodsk

13 december 2021

Two crafts master classes (in Umeå on November 28 and in Petrozavodsk on December 8, 2021) were for the first time organized in the format of a teleconference. The Karelian side presented a video-recorded master class on basket-weaving, performed by the renown Karelian craftswoman Irina Titova. After watching the film, visitors in Umeå could communicate directly with Irina and ask questions of interest. Also, during the meeting, a short film was presented on the craft of gold embroidery, which is now actively reviving in the north of Karelia, in the city of Belomorsk. At the end of the evening, the guests were presented with Karelian and Russian cuisine — the chef of the Karelia restaurant Ilya Vishnevoy prepared traditional snacks (including vinaigrette, marinated fish), a dessert with berries and oatmeal.

A reciprocal master class on December 8 brought together wood craftsmen in Petrozavodsk: they were presented a reflection film about woodworking by Jögge Sundqvist, a Swedish wood craftsman widely known in many countries, who lives and works in the small village of Kasamark near Umeå. This time Ilya Vishnevoy pleased the Karelian participants with traditional Swedish cuisine: appetizers with Västerbotten cheese, red fish with mustard sauce, dessert on rice porridge with cloudberries.

Crafts master-classes in Umeå and Petrozavodsk